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Early birds working hard at Brimbank park


The team from Multivac were hard at work at Brimbank Park this morning. We enjoyed a nice cool mist throughout the session which was a welcome addition to the warm temperature. Share


New Will Power Spring apparel now available

Will Power T shirts

Hi all. The new spring range of Will Power apparel is available on the web site. Simply choose your model and your size to have your training gear delivered to your door. Click here to check out the range. Share


The early bird catches the pineapple :)


Here’s an exercise in Karma for you. Chris and Lynne turned up to training early this morning despite it being a little chilly. They were both rewarded with the awesome find of a $50 note on the walking track ! How cool is that? So let that be an inspiration for you. Karma rewards those […]


The new White Will Power van


So Will Power Personal training is now in its 14th year 🙂 Thanks to all you guys for your continued hard training and continued support of the business. I thought it was about time for a make over and change of image. The trademark big blue Will Power Van with the yellow logo has been […]


Corporate wellness program


As an employer you value your leadership team and your staff right? Your team are an asset to your business right? So how about looking after your assets? Our corporate wellness program involves on site fitness testing of your staff. We recommend this test to be done at a minimum of every 6 months. The […]


3 simple Tricep exercises


Here’s a quick video of Samuel demonstrating some triceps muscle exercises. Share


Coming to your next training session, The Battle Rope

The latest addition to the Will Power kit. Check out these great exercises. You can look forward to them at your next training session. Share


Fitness tests to become more regular

Fitness tests will become a more regualrpart of your training program from now on. I know a lot of people dont like doing them but no matter if its a positive result or a negative result it will still drive you to train harder every time. Here’s a pic of Rob and Steve doing their […]


A family affair

Mark originally started training with the eldest of his 4 boys Liam 3 years ago. Both Mark and Liam have achieved fantastic results so far. Now the youngest of the boys Samuel is coming through the ranks turning up to the 6 am training sessions more and more often and loving it 🙂 Here’s a […]


The coldest training session in the history of Will Power !

Well today was the coldest training session in the nearly 14 year history of Will Power Personal Training. The Will Power van said -0.5 degrees at 6.30 am this morning. That didn’t stop the hard core crew at Brimbank park from raising a sweat during their session this morning. They even had a mobile coffee […]